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Deploying Firefox or Adobe Flash to Multiple Mac Computers using Apple Remote Desktop


 Apple Remote Desktop ($79.99 in App Store)

Please be aware, Adobe requires you fill our a Distribution Request Form before deploying copies of its software.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out and they typically respond in a matter of hours.
Request a license to distribute Adobe Flash


 Extracting the Adobe Flash Player .pkg file

1.  First Go to Adobe's website and download the .dmg file for the newest version of flash player.  Mount the file but instead of double clicking the  Flash Player installer.  Right Click and select Show Package Contents.

2.  Navigate to Contents->Resources.  Here you will find the file "Adobe Flash Player.pkg"  Copy this to the desktop and follow the directions below to deploy it using Apple Remote Desktop.

Show Contents            Flash.pkg

Deploying Flash

Open up Apple Remote Desktop.  (If you’ve never used ARD before you’ll find the Accessible Mac computers in your network by clicking Scanner in the left sidebar.) Go to Manage->Install Packages and add the .pkg file to the top section and any computer to which you want to deploy it to the bottom section.

Deploy Firefox with ARD

At this point you can either click install or schedule to postpone installation of Flash for a later time.

Install the Current Version of Firefox on your Mac Computer

1.    Go to .  Download the DMG for Firefox and open it.  You will then be prompted to drag the Firefox application to your applications folder. 

Firefox Install  

2.    Open Apple Remote Desktop highlight the target computers and shows "Copy" from the top menu.  In the top box you want to click the "+" button and navigate to Firefox within your computer hard drive's application folder.  Once this is done you need to change the drop down options to "Place items in Applications Folder", "If an item already exists Replace the item" and "Set item ownership to Inherit ownership from Destination Folder". 

Copy Firefox

3.  Your options now are to copy the item or to schedule the task to occur later

note:  If Firefox or Flash are currently in use the installations will not take effect until they are restarted.  For Firefox this is simply done by quitting the application.  For flash this means quiting any application that might require Flash.

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